Become A High-Performance Business Coach

Business Coach

Do you have a passion for serving and a knack for business? Have you considered becoming a Business Coach?
This is Your Opportunity!

Coaching Business Owners is the most rewarding journey I’ve ever walked! There are over 6000 businesses just in our local market. I want to serve them all! As a Business Owner and High-Performance Coach, I recognize that the need for Business Coaching is greater than the time and talent that I have to give.


I’ve compiled over 20 years of knowledge, research, and results-driven actions into one powerful program. CCBS High-Performance Coaching Academy will give you the insight, education, tools, templates, systems and live client case study to become a successful High-Performance Business Coach! That’s right. You will coach one real business throughout this course.


This is not an opportunity to become an employee. It IS an opportunity to become a sought out expert in the field of business. It IS an opportunity to grow your own coaching business and to change lives. 


No gimmicks. No franchise fees. No ongoing investment. 


My coaching certification required a $50,000.00 investment in 2013. And it was the best investment with the greatest return ever made into my career.


I want to give you more than I received through my certification. I want you to give your clients more than I did as a rookie coach. (Although I was Awarded Rookie Coach of the Year my very first year of coaching.)


Benefit from my experience and expertise, learn from my successes and failures in this 10-week course for a fraction of the investment! You’ll become a CCBS High-Performance Business Coach with only a $3,500.00 one-time investment! Yes, I’m disclosing the investment. No gimmicks, remember?


My clients invest $1,200.00 a month for coaching. They also see an average increase of net income of 1,800%, a reduction of work hours by 50%, grow their market share by 400%, and generate 3 new streams of passive income on average. It’s lifechanging!


If you’re ready for a change and to make a change review the course curriculum below. Then contact me today to determine if Business Coaching is right for you!

CCBS High-Performance Business Coaching Academy
Business Transformation Through Inspiration, Innovation, and Education!

Introductory Investment: $3,500.00

Months: 3

Classroom Hours: 18

Participant Limit: 4



Keep Reading to See the Course Curriculum, What’s Included, and Key Features of Becoming a CCBS High-Performance Coach!

Become a Certified Business Coach – Bi-Weekly Key Business Coaching Performance Education and Implementation – Learn and implement successfully proven business and business coaching practices.  During these hands-on sessions, participants will discover, develop, deliver and implement new plans, practices, systems, tools, and templates to ensure their business’ greatest opportunity for success and their success as a High-Performance Business Coach. To ensure the greatest success as a High-Performance Business Coach participants will Coach one live case study business throughout this course.

Course Curriculum
  • Mind-Shift
    • Understand and Overcome the Greatest Challenge for Small Business Owners
  • Business Analysis
    • Diagnose the 41 Top Challenges of Small Business
  • Business KPI’s
    • Understand & Improve 7 Key Business Performance Indicators
  • Profit Margin % Overhead %
    • Understand and Calculate Company Profit Margins
    • Understand and Calculate Company Overhead Percentage
  • Position & Close
    • Understand and Create The Client Positioning Statement
    • Close First Coaching Client
  • Strategic Business Plan of Action
    • Create a Client Business Plan of Action
      • Return on Coaching Investment
      • Increase Efficiency
      • Increase Profitability
      • Increase Client Retention
      • Increase Employee Retention
    • Perform Client SWOTAR Analysis
      • Capitalize on Internal Strengths
      • Eliminate Internal Weaknesses
      • Optimize External Opportunities
      • Mitigate External Threats
      • Achieve Company Aspirations
      • Identify, Track & Improve Results
  • Business Finance
    • Discover and Understand Types of Business Finance
    • Determine Client Financing need for
      •  Growth
      •  Equipment
      • Scalability
  • Cash Flow
    • Understand Cash VS Cash Flow
    • Create Cash Flow Projections
  • Company Budget
    • Understand the Value and Purpose of Company Budget
    • Create Company Budget
  • Systems
    • Define Necessary Systems
    • Create a System Dependent Business
  • Company Employee Attraction & Retention
    • Understand Talent VS Skill
    • Define Expectations
    • Create Job Descriptions
    • Define Talent Need
    • Define Expectations
    • Create Job Description
    • Systematize On-Boarding
    • Systematize Training
    • Determine Medium
    • Develop Individual Development Plans
    • Determine Value and Appreciation
    • Design and Implement Effective Individualized Reward Systems
    • Capitalize on Group Reward Models
    • Design Fail-Safe Follow-Through Systems to Honor Your Commitment
  • Company Client Attraction & Retention
    • Define Ideal Client
    • Define Client Values
    • Target Ideal Client
    • Create Value Additions
    • Create Consistent Client Communication
  • Business Scale
    • Increase efficiency
    • Increase Product, Service, or Business Lines
    • Automate processes 
  • Small Business Academy
    • Logistics
    • Target Audience
    • Marketing
    • Model
  • Live Case Study Review
    • Business Analysis
    • Business KPI’s
    • Positioning / Close
    • Strategic Plan of Action
    • SWOTAR
    • Profit Margin %
    • Overhead %
    • Cash Flow
    • Company Budget
    • Systems
    • Company Employee Attraction & Retention
    • Company Client Attraction & Retention 
  • Coaching Business Plan of Action
    • Define Company Vision
    • Define Company Mission
    • Define Company Culture
    • Define Ideal Client
    • Define Client Values
    • Target Ideal Client
    • Create Value Additions
    • Create Consistent Client Communication
    • Business KPI’s
    • Positioning / Close
    • Strategic Plan of Action
    • SWOTAR
    • Profit Margin %
    • Overhead %
    • Cash Flow
    • Company Budget
    • Systems
    • Employee Attraction & Retention
    • Client Attraction & Retention
  • Final Exam
  • Certification Graduation

Key Features

  • Includes One Month of One-on-One Coaching
  •  Includes Annual Subscription to CCBS Mobile
  •  Includes Unlimited Access to CCBS Tools
  •  Includes Unlimited Access to CCBS Templates
  •  Includes Unlimited Access to CCBS Systems
  •  Includes CCBS Small Business Academy Tools, Templates, PowerPoints and   Systems to launch your own Small Business Academies
  •  Includes Lifetime Membership to CCBS Private Social Media Community
  •  Includes Unlimited Access to Crystel Lynn Smith Personal and Professional Development and Business Strategy Publications

Templates Included 

  • Cash Flow Calculator & Projector
  • Profit Margin and Overhead Calculator & Projector
  • Company Budget
  • Client Acquisition Calculator
  • Business KPI Projector
  • 10 X 10 Marketing Map
  • Strategic Business Plan
  • Brand Builder

Estimated time to complete: 5 Months

  1. Mindshift – Session 1
  2. Business Analysis – Session 1
  3. Business KPI’s – Session 1
  4. Profit Margin & Overhead Percentages – Session 2
  5. Position & Close – Session 2
  6. Strategic Business Plan of Action- Session 3
  7. SWOTAR – Session 4
  8. Business Finance – Session 5
  9. Cash Flow – Session 5
  10. Company Budget – Session 5
  11. Systems – Session 6
  12. Company Employee Attraction & Retention – Session 7
  13. Company Client Attraction & Retention – Session 7
  14. Business Scale – Session 8
  15. Small Business Academy – Session 9
  16. Case Study Review – Session 10
  17. Final Exam – Session 10
  18. Graduation Session 10

Estimated time to implement: Varies per person

Think Business Coaching may be the next step in your journey? Schedule a 15-minute phone call and let’s chat!