High-Performance Group Coaching

The Best Way to Predict Your Future is to Create it.

If You’re Ready to

  • Start Running Your Business and Stop Letting it Run You
  • Considering Hiring a Professional to Help You Increase Your Net Profit To Give You Financial Success
  • Systematize Your Business To Give You More Free Time
  • Automate Your Marketing to Drive Customers To Buy Now
  • Create Passive Streams of Income To Make Money While You’re Relaxing and Enjoying Your Life

And You’re Tired of

  • Learning Great Business Practices But Never Actually Putting Them to Work for You

And You’re Looking for

  • A Hands-On, Get-it-Done Experience

Or Thinking of

  • Hiring A Business Coach To Take Your Business to the Next Level
  • Not Sure if it’s In the Financial or Time Budget for 2022

High-Performance Group Coaching is THE solution for Small Business Success

What's Included?

  • Unlimited Access High-Performance Business Coaching
    • Join TWO High-Performance Business Coaches Crystel Lynn Smith (and Best-Selling Author) AND Pat Moore Weekly via Zoom (No need to leave your office or home)  to Learn AND IMPLEMENT Top Proven Business Growth Strategies That Have Taken Small Business to Multi-Million Dollar Companies While the Owners Work LESS hours!
  • Key Business Performance Education and Implementation
    • We will meet weekly to learn and implement successfully proven business practices. These are hands-on sessions. You will leave each session with the new plan, practice, system, tool, or template completed and ready for immediate implementation!
  • Implementation and Accountability
    • Gone are the days of one-off business seminars that you attend, get excited about, and then get back to your office only to go back to old practices. Each week you will be led, guided, directed, supported, and inspired, and yes, immediately implement what you’ve learned.
  • Collaboration
    • Our group is filled with expertise! Develop strategic partnerships, gain insight, get sound business advice, and build business relationships with the other members of Small Business Academy!
  • Unlimited Access to Proven Systems, Tools, and Templates
    • You will have unlimited access to all of our systems, tools, and templates that have driven hundreds of small business owners to success!

What’s the time and financial investment?

$120.00 per month (10% of the financial investment of hiring a one on one coach)

One hour every week (Focused only on improving your business, which ultimately improves your life)

How do I reserve my opportunity?

Because of the hands-on nature and individual attention given, our group coaching has limited availability.