About Crystel Lynn Smith

Crystel Lynn Smith is the mother of 3 remarkable grandchildren
Grandmother of 5 precious grandchildren
Best-Selling Author
National NSA Certified Speaker
High-Performance Business Coach to the most amazing Business Owners
Founder of 4 Businesses and
Activator of Living a Life with Purpose and Passion!
She has been blessed in her 20-year career with the opportunity to Coach,
(Lead, motivate, inspire, and propel) over 4,000 men and women across the nation!


Speaking Opportunities:

Business 101

Join Crystel Lynn Smith to

Implement the Fundamental Practices of

Building, Growing and Scaling a Profitable Business

That Runs and Grows Without You




The Power of No

Join Crystel Lynn Smith to

Say no without the looming cloud of guilt

Prioritize and spend your time with your most valuable people, interests, and things in life

Replace feeling overwhelmed and unaccomplished with joy and success

Live a life that you’re excited to wake up to every day

It's All About Me

Join Crystel Lynn Smith to

Understand how to discover, meet, and develop the needs, strengths, languages, lifestyle, and communication demands of your employees.

Empower yourself and your organization with the quintessential insight and tools to create a stand-out, top-performing, sought-after organization in today’s increasingly competitive work environment!

Build a Business That Builds Wealth

Join Crystel Lynn Smith to

Understand and Drive

The 6 Key Performance Indicators of a Profitable Business

Increase Your Leads

Increase Your Conversion Rate

Increase Your Average Dollar Sale

Increase Your Number of Transactions

Increase Your Profit Margins

Decrease or Manage Your Fixed Expenses

Ultimately Improve Your Bottom Line!

Did I mention while working less?