What's Stopping You From Becoming a Published Author?

Attend our Become a Published Author Workshop and You're Answer Will Be "Absolutely Nothing!"

Have you always wanted to write a book? Think it's too expensive or complicated? Just don't know where to start?

This is Your Opportunity!

Join Crystel Lynn Smith, (yes, me) to become a published author without all the hefty investments or mistakes that I made in publishing my first few books! In fact, you can publish, print, distribute and sell your book with ZERO INVESTMENT.

I've published 6 books that are available on Amazon, 4 for private purchase for my client's companies. I have 1 currently in editing and another in the works! And I have an Amazon Best Seller!

That's the beauty of becoming a published author! Once you understand the process you can duplicate it over and over again!
And I'm going to show you exactly how I did it and how you can do it too!

Did I mention you can become a published author for FREE?

Still skeptical? Listen to what others said about the workshop!

Learn How To

What You'll Get

  • Publish your book with zero investment in paperback, hardcover, Ebook, and Audio to generate multiple income streams!
  • Format Your Book to the perfect layout and size for your readers for free.
  • Create Citations to avoid plagiarism for free.
  • Create Your Cover for Free (I've spent as much as $1,800.00 on a cover design.) I'm going to show you how to create your cover for free like I do now!
  • Create Your ISBN for Free (Yep, I've paid for those too but you don't have to.)
  • Properly edit for your style and yes, for free.
  • Set up your KDP account and begin selling immediately on Amazon with zero financial investment
  • Market your book to become a Best Seller
  • Set up your retail sales tax account to pay taxes on all of your amazing earnings!
  • Become a Published Author Step-by-Step Strategic Plan of Action
  • Step By Step Publishing Guides
    • Paperback
    • Hardcover
    • Ebook
    • Audiobook
  • Contacts and Free Software to Design Your Interior, Cover, and Edit
    • Design Artists
    • Illustrators
    • Editors
  • (And how you can do all of this yourself for FREE!)

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