Don’t Be in a Rush for Success

We often say life is a journey and we must enjoy the journey…

Yet we expect our success in business to be just shy of instant.

Building and growing your business is a journey.


There will be many turns, curves, some days when the skies are clear and the roads are open. Other days will be filled with traffic and storms.

You will meet people along your journey who will encourage you, as well as those who will laugh at your efforts.

You will have major wins and set backs. There will be days of joy and days of frustration. 

Enjoy the entire journey.


If your only focus is on the success destination you will undoubtably miss opportunities. 

Opportunities to learn from your mistakes. Opportunities to grow personally and professionally.

Maybe you’ll miss an opportunity to introduce a new product or service because you’re so focused on selling THIS one.

You may miss the opportunity to change the direction of your company because you’re so hell bent on getting to what you claimed as success when you first started. 

You may miss an opportunity that could change your life. 


Every day, with each win and each challenge ask yourself these questions…

What did I learn from today? 

What can I improve on?

What made my wins, wins and how do I duplicate them? 

Is what I’m focused on, the most important thing to focus on today? If not, what must I focus on to create an enjoyable journey?


The answer to all of these questions will provide you with an opportunity to take a breath and confirm that you are (or are not) on the right path in your journey.

It will give you the opportunity to enjoy the challenges and mistakes because the outcome will be learning and improvement! 


Don’t be in a rush for success

  • Stop missing opportunities
  • Grow personally
  • Grow professionally
  • Continuously learn
  • Continuously improve