Make the Darn Call!

If I had a dollar for every time I decided not to make “that darn phone call” I would be wealthy just from those dollars alone! 


And if I took the time to add up all the dollars not making those phone calls cost me!…

It would probably make me sick to my stomach.
(Even more sick than the thought of making those phone calls.) 


Here’s where I’m going to challenge you to be better than I was. Learn from my mistakes!


Have to call a client to give them the bad news that they’ve been declined for a loan? Call them right now! They need to move on and create a plan B. You need to move on mentally and physically, because I know it’s affecting you in both of those areas. I’ve been there. 

Owe the IRS money? Call them! Those penalties and interest are costing you hundreds of times more than a simple payment plan ever would! 

Have to call a client and tell them you’re not able to fill their order? Make the call! Again, they need to find another option sooner rather than later. And you need to get on with your day! 

Over-promise and need to call someone to let them know it’s going to take longer than expected? Make the call! They need to plan accordingly and you need to rebuild their trust in you


Make that darn phone call:

  • Stop feeling guilty
  • Save yourself money…positionally lots of money
  • Rebuild trust
  • Get back to being productive