“Best Investment to Date!”

“Crystel has had such a huge impact on my company’s and my own personal growth. Crystel taught me the importance of tracking KPI’s, running cash flow projections, delegating and setting goals. She is always positive, supportive, solution and action-oriented. Her passion to see me succeed is evident in all that she does. Best investment to date!”

Keri Coutts - President & Founder, Moms In Motion Inc.


“Hiring a Business Coach Is the Best Decision I’ve Made for My Business!"

“Crystel Smith is an asset to any business small or large! She knows how to help business owners ignite their team members and ensure positive results! If you are looking for ways to grow your business, engage your workforce, and improve your bottom line, you need Crystel Smith on your side! Hiring a Business Coach is the best decision I’ve made for my business.”

Pam Reynolds ~ President & Founder, Allegiance Home Care


“I absolutely needed business coaching. My business was just beyond the honeymoon phase and started to stagnate and working with Mario and the SBA (Small Business Academy) program was right on time. I was able to look back at accomplishments and pitfalls with a qualified mentor to evaluate a new path forward. I am so glad, I made the decision to take this course the ROI was outstanding."

A.D. Carter ~ President Retail VR, LLC


Earns My Highest Recommendations....

"Charismatic, energy and heart are the words that come to mind when I think about about Crystel Smith. I met Crystel through a local networking group years ago and we instantly connected as both mentors and leaders.

I have always been in awe of Crystel's ability to command a room and get people on board with ideas—even people who were initially on completely different pages. A true entrepreneur and mentor, she listens with heart and then shares with confidence and conviction. I have to warn you, though! Approach her with caution, because that energy is catching!

As a leader, speaker, entrepreneur and trainer, Crystel earns my highest recommendation. Anyone organization would be lucky to have her mentor-ship, leadership or inspiration!"

Michelle Hillaert
Author, Speaker, Fitness Coach, Motivator & Change Maker

"You won't be disappointed!"

"The Small Business Academy taught by Crystel Clear Business Strategies is an excellent resource for start-ups, established businesses and non-profits. This course will test your commitment to yourself and your brand, all while incorporating individualized growth path strategies. Fresh eyes, with growth-minded professionals from different backgrounds and at different stages opens up beneficial dialogue. Mario and Crystel are a dynamic duo, you won't be disappointed." Warren County Habitat for Humanity

"We are so thankful that we hired Crystel Clear Business Strategies!"

"We are so thankful that we hired Crystel Clear Business Strategies. The guidance and systems that we have received have taken us to the next level. We highly recommend this excellent company for any business who wants clear direction to scale and grow."

Brenda Fristoe & Staci Sampson ~ Founders Create & Celebrate Art


"...We wouldn't be where we are today without her guidance."

"It has been a pleasure to be coached by Crystel. She truly cares, and genuinely wants to see our business grow as we develop and follow our vision. It goes without saying that we would not be where we are today without her guidance.“

John Eye ~ President & Founder, Mover Dudes, Inc.

"She is a Powerhouse of talent!"

“Crystel is a contagious energy! She makes you want to get our there set goals and achieve them. She believes in you and believes you can achieve anything you put your mind to and will support and guide you every step of the way. A true business professional that stays current on all aspects of running a business. She is a true inspiration with amazing leadership qualities. She is a powerhouse of talent!”

Kristina Williams ~ President & Founder, The Social Prose

"Engaging Speaker..."

"Our staff went through a training with Crystel and it was phenomenal! Crystel has a great energy, can explain concepts in a simple way that is easy to relate to, and is an engaging speaker. I would highly recommend working with Crystel."

Emily Buhl

Director of Marketing and Communications at Top of Virginia Regional Chamber

"such a wonderful learning experience!"

"Small Business Academy with Mario Wisdom has been such a wonderful learning experience! He has shown me how to take my business and truly run it like a successful business! The class has not only been beneficial to my growing business, but also to making great friends and connections through the process!"

Brandy Dorsch ~ President Hello Haberdashery

"Crystel is amazing!"

“Crystel is amazing! She whipped my business into shape and got us more organized! Thanks, Crystel!”

Blake Pierpoint ~ President & Founder, Blake & Company Spa

"...Crystel is your ticket!"

“If you are starting a business or trying to put new life in your existing business then Crystel is your ticket! Her experience and high energy will motivate and guide you to approach things differently and help you think outside the box.”

Bonnie Hurley ~ Sales Manager, Nichols Construction, Inc.

“When you are with her for awhile you can think anything is possible.“

“I have known Crystel for a number of years. At one point Crystel was my business coach. She always had the ability to look at the big picture and help me put strategies together to move my business forward. I cannot say enough about her positive attitude. When you are with her for awhile you can think anything is possible. The plan that we started 5 years ago has come to fruition. I have recently sold a profitable business and now doing something that I totally enjoy.”

Herb Melrath ~ Business Consultant, Western Maryland SBDC

"Would not trade her for the world."

“I have been in business coaching with Crystel for about two years now and would not trade her for the world. She is my support when plans fall apart, my guidance for putting it all back together, and my source for inspiration when I’m running dry. Most importantly, though, Crystel is my relentless taskmaster — holding my nose to the grindstone. She is not afraid of telling me how it is and demanding results. With her help, I am continually refining my business and looking forward to a more profitable future. Thank you, Crystel!”

Weatherly Boehmer ~ President & Founder, Willow Keep, Inc.

“…a passion to empower people to live their best life now!“

“Crystel is a high effective communicator with a passion to empower people to live their best life now! If you are an employer you would benefit greatly by allowing her to infinite a fire in your team!”

Steve Conover ~ Sales Manager, Solenbergers True Value Hardware Inc.

“I now have more free time to do things I enjoy.“

I have been in business for 15 years. Since I have been using Crystel as my business coach I am running so much more efficiently. It allows me to sleep better at night. I now have more free time to do things I enjoy. Thank you, Crystel!”

Nina Hike ~ President & Founder, Property Management Plus

"Great Information, Well Presented, Practical, and Professional..."

"Crystel brought a ton of valuable insights to our work team, leaving us engaged in conversations that were both honest, open, and productive in a very real way. Great information, well presented, practical, and professional. Well done, Crystel, thank you!"

Jeff Nicely
Social Media Marketer

"...Can Help You Unlock the Potential of Your Business..."

"Crystel's extensive banking, coaching and consulting background make her a most unique and invaluable resource to anyone who owns and runs their own business. Everyone and every business is different so it's hard to find a customized instruction manual on how to best run your business. Yes, there are "best practices" and the generic "how to" books but very often if you are not right-sizing your efforts and approach you are literally leaving money on the table. Crystel can help you unlock the potential of your business and perhaps mostly importantly your people that work for you!."

Rich Irons
Experienced Regional Banker

“…There is no one better than Crystel to set you on the right path.”

“Crystel has a vast knowledge in business and business opportunities. She has an infectious energy and truly loves what she does. If your struggling with your business there is no one better than Crystel to set you on the right path.”

Brenda Morris ~ Morris & Company Real Estate

"I truly can not say or give enough praise to the woman she is!"

"Crystel is AWESOME!! Not only is she a great networking/relationship builder. She has great knowledge of running a successful business and engaging your employees. I truly can not say or give enough praise to the woman she is!!"

Crystal Lewis ~ President, Ms Do It All

"Innovative and Creative..."

"We tend to keep good people in our lives. Crystel is one of those people for me. She's very good at listening and she's very innovative and creative in her thinking and truly has a passion for what she does. Those who know her and are reading this are nodding their head up and down and if you don't then I encourage you to reach out to her and get to know her. Business savvy, professional, etc...etc...etc...the list goes on and on. She has such a big heart and I'm blessed to be able to call her my friend."

Will Lawrence ~ Financial Advisor, Edward Jones


"Smart and Driven..."

"Crystel is smart and driven to help leaders and learners succeed. I worked with her for 3+ years and could not have had better success in my field. She knows how to help get you to achieve your goals!"

Harmony Stearns
Owner, Health and Harmony Comfort Compresses



"Crystel's excitement and passion for helping others succeed is contagious! I've known her for many years, both personally and professionally, and highly recommend her."

Matthew D. Hirschberg
Speaker I Author I Fitness Professional


She is the Best...

"Crystel has worked with me and mentored me over the past 10 years. Her financing background allows her to help you to see how you can advance with more stability and business savvy. She is a great friend and mentor. Speak with her and I am sure you will agree, she is the best."

Ernie Lightfoot, CMCA, AMS, PCAM
VP, American Management of VA, Inc.


"An Excellent Business Coach..."

"Crystel Smith is an excellent business coach. She not only goes the extra mile to help make your business successful but she holds you accountable to make sure YOU are successful. Her inspiration to help every business owner she works with shines through in everything she does. Her goal is to see you look back and say "WOW, look how far I've come"

If you are struggling in your business, in any area at all, then she is the one to call. Her entire career is dedicated to the success of all business owners."

Tammy Carlyle ~ Founder Bea Sweat & Sassy


Relevant Information in a Hands-On Environment...

Aaron Orndorff

"Crystel always provides relevant information in a hands-on environment. After meeting with her, I am ready to apply what I've learned from her to my business immediately."

Aaron Orndorff,  Associate Legal Shield


"A Very Astute Business Coach..."

"Crystel Combs Smith is a very astute business coach. If you feel your business has plateaued or you want to work on your business, not in your business, schedule a time to meet with Crystel. You will benefit from the meeting. Every time I meet with her I have new tools and energy for my business."

Nancy Rose, EPIC Credentialed Trainer


"treasure her advice..."

Crystel's business knowledge comes from years in the commercial banking industry coupled with strong corporate training and small business experience. She has unique solutions and is a wealth of information. Crystel met with me personally and structured solutions based on my unique business needs. She held me accountable and kept me on track. I highly recommend Crystel's business consulting to other business leaders and treasure her advice.

Jane Silek ~ President, Blue Ink Original


"Her Knowledge Base in Unsurpassed..."

"I attended the "Risky Business" workshop Crystel Smith hosted on September 1, 2015, and was awed at how informative Crystel was. The panel of experts Crystel assembled was so on point. The dynamic group of people that she serves were also wonderful assets to network with. If you are looking to start a business in the northern neck of Virginia you would be unwise to overlook Crystel Clear Business Strategies, LLC. Her knowledge base is unsurpassed! Her focus is to help your business be it's very BEST. Thank you for hosting and I look forward to attending future events!"

Dominick Halse, NW Works