Cater to Your Clients

Do you know …

  • Where your client is in the sales process?
  • When the last time they purchased something from you was?
  • How often they buy?
  • What their other buying habits are?
  • What they value?
  • How to reach them?
  • What they spend on average?
  • When their special occasion dates are? (Birthday / Anniversary)
  • What their favorite products or services are?
  • What competitors they may be shopping at in addition to your business?


If you don’t, you must!


A CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a powerful tool in gathering data about your clients.

A CRM allows you to analyze the information for targeted selling, value adding, and increasing customer loyalty! 


Trust me, if you’re not catering to the needs of your clients and targeting new clients through a CRM your competitors are. 


There are lots of CRM software’s to choose from in today’s tech savvy world. Many have free versions. 

You can even start with something as simple as an excel spreadsheet if you’re the spreadsheet lover. 


Here are a few CRM’s available today. As you can see many of them have free trials or are simply free! 

Free Trial Period Free
VCita HubSpot
FreshSales ZoHo (Up to 3 users)
Monday BiTrix24
PipeDrive Insightly
InfoFlo Capsule



Get a CRM:

  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Increase conversion rate
  • Increase number of transactions