What are You Committing to When You Hire a Business Coach?

“I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never achieve their maximum capabilities.” — Bob Nardelli, CEO Home Depot

Hiring a business coach (a great one) will provide an enormous return on your investment.

A business coach, much like a sports coach, is someone who is dedicated to your success. They are mentors, supporters, encouragers, and super savvy when it comes to their area of expertise, in this case, business.

Hiring a business coach is committing to success.

It is committing to being intentional and focused on working on your business with your coach.

It is committing to being accountable to your coach, and it is committing to creating a profitable, successful business that can continue to operate and grow without you there.

I’ll share a few success stories of my own to show you the power of hiring a business coach.
Client 1:
2019 Net Income ($12,338.00) After 12 months of working with me, their business coach. 2020 Net Income $39,472.00.
Okay, I know what you’re thinking. $39,472.00 is not very much net income! And you are right. Now for the best part. They also opened four new markets, hired six new people, added health care for every employee, AND took home $175,000.00 in salary. Did I mention in 2019 the owner didn’t even take home a paycheck?!

Client 2:
Operating at a loss month over month. After 12 months of coaching, a lot of data collecting and finding, and price and profit margin change, they not only operated highly profitable month over month. They were made an offer they couldn’t refuse to sell the business. Did I mention they will never have to “work” another day?

Client 3:
Working 70-90 hours a week for, are you ready for this? ZERO. The company broke even year after year. After 2 years of coaching, some product removal, some price increases, implementing monthly auto-draft for their clients, and adding 1 new service line. The owner is making more money and even keeping a large portion of that money while only working 20 hours a week!

I could write an entire book with success stories like the few I’ve shared with you! Hire a Business Coach today!
Hire a business coach:
● Increase your leads
● Increase your conversion rate
● Increase your average dollar sale
● Increase your profit margins
● Increase your revenue
● Increase your net income
● Systematize every aspect of your business
● Create an environment where employees thrive and stay
● Create a marketing plan that drove business and healthy cash flow
● Improved your cash flow
● Create and manage your company budget
● Increase your market share
● Grow your employee base
● Create monthly recurring income streams
● Create passive income streams
● Stop feeling overwhelmed
● Make more money

And more – all while working less hours!