Know Who You Want to Work With

Joe loved working with senior citizens. He also enjoyed working with small businesses. Let’s not forget the non-profit sector that he so desperately wanted to provide IT Budgeting solutions for. 

My questions for Joe:

  1. Who do you target with marketing?
  2. How do I know exactly who to refer to you? 
  3. How do you keep your schedule consistent and efficient?
  4. Who requires the least amount of time? 
  5. Who generates the most revenue? 
  6. Finally, who do you like working with? 

Crystel, I can help them all. I target them all. People can refer them all to me. The schedule is a little chaotic and I’m not sure which makes the most money. I enjoy working with Seniors the most. 

I should have started with the who do you like working with question. If you like working with seniors then why don’t you first focus on serving the senior market? 

With 3 different markets to serve Joe has to send 3 different messages, create 3 types of content, build 3 different processes, and manage 3 different types of schedules. 

Why would you put yourself in that chaos? Because we feel we have to serve everyone we can! Just because you can does not mean you should. 

Take a look at your current clients. Who do you enjoy catering to? Who is your product or service best suited to

Tesla could certainly make a car for any driver. However, they have created a car for THEIR ideal client and then shared their message and value ONLY to that market. 

They build one high quality product, the electric sports car and have sold over 97,000 of them in just the third quarter of 2019.

97,000 electric cars in 3 months! The cost of a Tesla is between $40,000 and $130,000. 

They clearly know who their ideal client is and design every car with them in mind. They focus on one market. They’ve created a niche and sense of community amongst now Tesla owners. They aren’t trying to serve everyone just because they can. 


Ask Yourself-

Who is your ideal client? 

Who do you enjoy working with or providing a product or service to? 

What do they value? 

What are their demographics?

What medium do they use to shop and review? 

What is the problem you solve or luxury you provide them? 

What is the message they need to hear? 


Focus your energy and resources on serving them! 

Know who you want to work with:

  • Become more efficient
  • Grow your market share
  • Become more efficient
  • Create a niche
  • Turn chaos into control