Be Interdependent

To be dependent is to be nurtured, taken care of, and sustained by others. We come into this world completely dependent. We rely on our parents for every essential need as an infant. We expect that as we learn, grow and mature that we will become independent. 

However, many adults remain dependent. They rely on others to get what they need or merely want. Their focus is one of how others can help them. Which also equates to blame when they don’t get what they want or think they need. 

Then there are the adults who achieve independence. To be independent is to rely on yourself to achieve the accomplishments in life that you desire. Independent people rely solely on themselves. You know, the if I want something done right I’ll have to do it myself folks. 

I need you to be honest with me and yourself in answering this next question. Are you a dependent or independent business owner? Do you blame other people or circumstances when something goes wrong in your business? Do you stay up until the wee hours of the morning to get everything done because you’re the only person who can do it right? 

In either case I’m going to challenge you from this moment forward to not be dependent OR independent. I challenge you to be interdependent

Few people reach interdependence. Interdependent people work together to accomplish far more than they could accomplish alone, even at their best. They know their strengths and seek out complimentary strengths in others to partner and achieve more together.

Contrary to what you may say or think you don’t need another you. You need someone who has different talents than you do. If you and I were exactly the same, one of us would be unnecessary

To achieve your best as a business owner you must be interdependent. 

Sherri and worked together, providing organizational development programs for local businesses. She was the researcher and I was the doer. Without joining forces with Sherri, I may not have had the data to provide the highest quality trainings and Sherri may not have ever had a program to offer. 

Becoming interdependent allowed us to impact hundreds of lives! 


Become Interdependent

  • Accomplish more together
  • Stop feeling frustrated 
  • Do what comes naturally to you every day