Do You Know Your Overhead Percentage?

Harry owned a local coffee shop. His total investment (cost of goods) in a cup of coffee was about $2.50. Harry sold a cup of coffee for about $5.00. Pretty good profit, right? 


Harry’s overhead was 60%! 


Let me show you what that does to profitability!

COGS $2.50
Sales Price $5.00
Net profit $2.50
Overhead percentage 60%
Overhead cost $3.00
Net Income (.50)


60% of all of Harry’s gross income went to overhead. For every $5.00 cup of coffee he sold $3.00 went to overhead and $2.50 went to cost of goods sold.

$5.00 – 2.50 – 3.00 = (-0.50)

Yes he was losing fifty cents on every cup of coffee he sold

In Harry’s case we were able to make a few adjustments. We reduced overhead by eliminating some unnecessary subscriptions, scheduling employees during peak times, and increased profit margins by ordering in larger quantities. 

Know your overhead percentage:

  • Increase profits
  • Stop losing money