Money is Just an Idea Backed By Action

The moment I understood that money was only a concept (it didn’t exist) until it was created (generated) by an idea backed with action, my life began to change. 

Money is merely an idea backed by action. 

What ideas do you have that with some action you could generate money? 

My clients have invested $1,200.00 a month for Business Coaching over the last 7 years. And over those 7 years I’ve met so many wonderful business owners who just didn’t have $1,200.00 to their name let alone $1,200.00 a month to invest in coaching services.

It broke my heart over and over again to walk away from serving them because they didn’t have the financial ability to hire me. Sure, I gave them free business advice any time they asked for it and sure they were able to make some improvements, but I wanted, needed to do more for them 

I had an idea! What if I created a Small Business Academy?! I could teach the fundamentals of business once or twice a month, in a classroom setting with 20 business owners. AND if I had 20 members I could offer them each a monthly investment of $99.00! A budget they could work with, tons of value, AND my monthly income would be $1.980.00 for 4 hours of work a month. That’s $495.00 an hour. 

That idea turned into what is now CCBS Small Business Academy because I put action to it. I created a curriculum. I scheduled a meeting space. I reached out to all of those business owners who I knew I could finally serve! On January 21st of 2020 I just had my first graduating class of CCBS Small Business Academy! 

In October of 2019 I found myself with a waiting list of business owners who wanted to hire me as their coach. Again, I wanted to serve them all! Unfortunately, and because I am very blessed, my coaching schedule was full. 

I had an idea! I could train and certify other people to be coaches! 

On January 21st, 2020 I launched CCBS High-Performance Coaching Academy! In May of 2020 our market will have 8 new Business Coaches! If they each chose to work with 20 businesses that’s 160 businesses that will be more successful! 160 business owner lives that will be changed! And 8 people now have a way to earn revenue from serving others with their business expertise! Oh, and the investment? $2,500.00. The revenue generated from my idea backed by action? $20,000.00!

As long as you have ideas and are willing to back it with action you can generate money!


Understand that money is an idea backed by action:

  • Turn ideas into money
  • Never lack for money again