Create Checklists

Things getting missed? Steps being forgotten? Costing you additional time, money, and even clients?

There’s an easy fix! 

Create checklists. Yes, I know it isn’t rocket science. Sometimes we miss the simplest strategies. And this is one that so many business owners miss. Keeping things simple is how most businesses gain their greatest success! 

Mary’s employees wanted to do it all. Sounds great right? Well it might have been except it wasn’t their job to do it all and they didn’t know “all” that had to be done. 

Documentation was missing. Verifications were missed. Costing Mary time and money and almost a few clients and her impeccable reputation

The solution?

We created checklists for every step in the process and made copies for her employees to include in each file. (And trained them on why and how to use the checklist of course.) 

From start to finish each step was listed with a space for initials and date when it had been accomplished.

Viola! No more searching for missed documentation. No more missed steps. Initials and documentation meant ownership from each employee.

I’m excited to say that today Mary’s company runs like a well oiled machine because her team knows what parts to put where, how, and when! 


Create checklists:

  • Be more efficient
  • Be more effective
  • Create clear expectation of employees
  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Reduce frustration
  • Exceed customer expectations