Build a Green Light Team

Green light teams have one focus, innovation. Their role in your company is improve current and create new:

  • Products
  • Services
  • Tools
  • Systems
  • Market share


In a traditional meeting without Green Light Thinkers a new idea may be presented and immediately shot down like this:

Wouldn’t it be great if we had a mobile app? 

Rest of team:

Those things are expensive.

They take a long time and lots of resources to build. 

We don’t even know what we would put in an app.

Red Light! And the idea stops there!


Traditional meetings often stifle the growth of business rather than do what they are designed to do, improve the business. 

Green Light Thinking ensures innovation and implementation! 


How do Green Light Teams work? 


Designate a group of individuals to meet every week to follow this agenda:

Choose a scribe, someone who will document all the information from the meeting.

  1. Someone shares an innovative idea. 
    1. New product
    2. New service
    3. Better tool
    4. System improvement
    5. Market share growth
  2. Scribe writes down the idea
  3. Each person takes a turn saying what the positive outcomes would be if the idea were to become a reality. (Absolutely nothing negative is allowed.)
  4. Scribe writes down all the benefits / positive outcomes.
  5. Each person discusses what would need to happen to make the idea a reality
  6. Scribe writes down what needs to happen
  7. Then and only then each person shares something that may stop the idea from becoming a reality.
  8. Scribe writes down the potential challenges
  9. Again, each person shares what must happen to eliminate the things that would stop the idea from becoming reality. 
  10. Scribe writes down all of the “must happens”
  11. Your Green Light team provides you with the new idea, the benefits and positive outcomes, and a step by step plan to bring the idea to fruition including how to overcome any possible challenges! 

Here’s what a Green Light Team Meeting may look like:

    • Person A
      • Wouldn’t it be great if we had a mobile app?
    • Rest of group: Benefits / Outcomes
  • We could notify our customers of sales right in the app
  • Gives us direct communication with all of our customers
  • Increase sales
  • Increase number of times our clients buy from us
  • Our clients could book their appointments online
  • Save us time booking appointments by phone
  • Free up our admin’s time to do more important things
  • Increase customer retention
  • Build a sense of community with our customers
  • Our logo will be visible to our customers every time they look at their phone
  • consistent brand building
    • Everyone in group: Potential challenges
  • Not enough money in the budget
  • No one on the team who could build the app
    • Everyone in the group: How do we overcome the challenges
  • Not enough money in the budget
  • Research investment (we have to know how much we’re talking)
  • Reallocate a portion of marketing budget to develop app
  • Sell old equipment to pay for app
  • Sell old inventory to pay for app
  • Get loan to pay for app
  • No one on the team who could build the app
  • Research app developers
  • Hire app developer
  • Send someone to become certified in mobile app development


Create Green Light Thinking Teams:

  • Become a company of consistent innovation and implementation